Picture above: Baby have been dumped and burned.

What is giving for a marriage? Certainly child. Child is a gift from ALLAH that brings happiness and joy in the household. As we are always saying that child is music for a couple. Their laughter and crying build a happy marriage even is considered as a sign of love between couples. Following this matter, I would like to talk about something else that I really unlike. It always disturbing and interfere in my mind which I always read in the newspaper. Dumping baby cases. Every time I read or hear news about the baby’s dumping cases, I felt very sad, angry and frustrated. I really hate that mother made it and the unlucky toddler, make me flowing tears.
This case becoming rampant and difficult to control. Who is fault? Whether the father has no responsible, the mother who denies the existence of child, community, family or any other party?

Lately many of dumping baby cases occurred in Malaysia, especially in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Most cases involve by the student and teenagers who are not married. They dump the child such as littering in the garbage disposal drain, in the river, buried alive, litter bins, embedded in the toilet tank and even in the toilet hole. So pity of them. They did not ask to be born so why they are punished after birth?

If I has given a magic power, I will be look for the parents and punish them because they are so cruel, irresponsible and inhuman. They only love to have fun and live too freely but when the girl pregnant, they don’t want the baby. Even worse is, that they do it more than once without feeling regret and guilty. For men, they would just want to have fun but for the girls or mothers, don’t they love of their own child? Why do they not give the baby to people who do not have children? Or perhaps they are mad. They really are and also too dumb to not appreciate of god gift.

Thursday, May 15th, 2008 in Tawau, a body of a newborn was found dumped in a public toilet in town. In other cases, on April 24, the body of a newborn was found floating in waters off Tanjung Batu Laut also in Tawau. Police believe the baby, whose umbilical cord was still intact, was thrown into the sea several days earlier. Part of the baby's ear was bitten off, believed by fish. I really can’t imagine how their parent could do that such cruel thing. While a cat loved, accept, hugs and breastfeed after the kitten’s birth.

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat announced in Parliament that between 2005 and 2009, a total of 10,500 cases of child abuse were reported. What people don’t know is that less than 1% of the cases came to court. She said there were 495 cases of baby dumping during this period but what the public don’t know is that abortions can reach up to 300 cases a day.

Recently, 4th April 2010, she launched a “Concern” campaign for awareness of the baby dumping cases. Unfortunately, one day later another baby dumped, was found wrapped in newspaper in waste removal. He is so perfect and has cute face makes me tempted to hug and kiss him. His mother was so cruel as not to bury the baby appropriate but he is treated like an animal.

Until now we are still looking a solution to solve this matter. A few thing are always under review is the perpetrator who has no strong religious beliefs, not mature, moral inferiority, pressure from parents, family, society and law. The question is, should the government approve the sex education as syllabus in school. Is this way will bring a good or worse impact to us and our children particularly?

I was always crying every time when remember about this unlucky toddler. For a mother like me, I will hunt and kill even mosquito bite my child. I will hugs every time they cry or scare of something. My children are pearls and prosperity that can not be irreplaceable. Hold Your Baby As Much As You Want. When your baby was born were you warned that picking them up too much would spoil her? If you don't hold her now, when will you? Hold your child whenever she/he needs you - or whenever you want to, Or You Will Regret for Life.

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